Lecture Slides

The lecture slides are developed for the lecture "Performance Evaluation of Distributed Systems" at the University of Würzburg. The lecture was originally developed by Phuoc Tran-Gia and is given by Tobias Hoßfeld since 2018. The book is intended for students and scientists in computer science and technical computer science, applied mathematics, operations research, electrical engineering and economics. 

Chapter 1: Introduction

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Chapter 2: Fundamentals

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  • 2.1 Little's Law [.pptx] [.pdf
  • 2.2 Probabilities and Random Variables [.pptx] [.pdf
  • 2.3 Transform Methods [.pptx] [.pdf
  • 2.4 Important Distributions [.pptx] [.pdf

Chapter 3: Stochastic Processes

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  • 3.1 Stochastic Processes [.pptx] [.pdf
  • 3.2 Renewal Processes [.pptx] [.pdf
  • 3.3 Poisson Process [.pptx] [.pdf
  • 3.4 Superposition of Arrival Processes [.pptx] [.pdf
  • 3.5 Markov State Processes [.pptx] [.pdf

Chapter 4: Markovian Systems

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  • 4.1 Loss System M/M/n [.pptx] [.pdf]  
  • 4.2 Delay System M/M/n [.pptx] [.pdf
  • 4.3 Engset Model with Finite Number of Customers [.pptx] [.pdf
  • 4.4 Retrial Model [.pptx] [.pdf

Chapter 5: Non-Markovian Systems

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  • 5.1 Discrete-Time Markov Chain and 5.2 Embedded Markov Chain [.pptx] [.pdf
  • 5.3 M/GI/1 Delay System [.pptx] [.pdf
  • 5.4 GI/M/1 Delay System [.pptx] [.pdf
  • 5.5 Batch Service Queue [.pptx] [.pdf
  • 5.6 Continuous-Time GI/GI/1 [.pptx] [.pdf

Chapter 6: Discrete-time Analysis

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  • 6. Discrete-Time Analysis of GI/GI/1 [.pptx] [.pdf