Addendum and Errata

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Ch. 5.2.3 ”Kleinrock’s (Burke’s) Result”

Comment by Robert B. Cooper (Oct 2021)

Chapter 5.2.3 present an important result in queueing theory. The chapter title implies that the result is due to Kleinrock, but, in fact, the first rigorous statement and proof of this theorem is due to Paul J. Burke. This result was contained in an internal Bell Labs memo by P.J. Burke, dated 14 May 1968, titled "A Recurrence Relation for Stationary Birth-and-Death Processes with an Application to Finite-Source Traffic Systems." Because of this unpublished theorem's obvious importance, Burke encouraged Cooper to present it in formal detail. Cooper included this in his book "Introduction to Queueing Theory (1972, pages 154-156; repeated in the Second Edition, pages 185-188)". Although this internal memo was published over 50 years ago, he still has a copy of this internal memo.

Reference:  Robert B. Cooper. Introduction to Queueing Theory.  2nd ed. New York:  North-Holland, 1981. ISBN:  9780444003799. Online available: